A simple and effective way to relieve body aches and pains.

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There are many ways to relieve body aches and pains. Most of which can be easily done by yourself and can help relieve muscle aches and pains within a short time, such as compressing and taking medicine. However, you should study and choose the appropriate method to relieve aches and pains. Safe for the body To prevent side effects on health as a result.

The obvious cause of pain is sitting, standing, or staying in the same posture without changing posture for too long. or staying in the same position for more than 1-2 hours. There is also a lack of activities that make the body move, such as sitting and working all day. Leave the office and drive home. Therefore, any part of the body, especially the neck, ทางเข้า ufabet, shoulders, waist, and back, has not been moved for a long time and may cause aches and pains.

In addition to the lack of physical activity Aches and pains can also be caused by overuse of the muscles, such as lifting heavy objects, straining the muscles in the same position for a long time, and weight that exceeds the standard. It can also be a side effect of some medicines.

How to relieve aches and pains without having to get a massage

  • Find time to change your posture every 30 minutes – 1 hour, such as standing up or going to the bathroom. Walk to get drinking water, etc.
  • Avoid activities that require excessive use of your muscles, such as lifting heavy objects.
  • Adjust your sitting position correctly. Sit with a straight back and place your arms on the armrests. Do not raise your shoulders while typing on the computer or using a mouse. Always adjust the height of your chair so that your face is level with the computer screen.
  • Drink enough water each day. (Note that in one day you must urinate at least every 1-3 hours and the urine must be clear. or very light yellow. The color must not be dark. and the smell is not too pungent)
  • Avoid beverages that contain caffeine.
  • Exercise regularly every day or 3-5 days per week. At least 30 minutes at a time, emphasizing physical movement such as aerobics.
  • Relax your muscles to rest your body, such as yoga and meditation.
  • Relieve stress with favorite activities such as traveling, taking photos, walking, etc.

    Hot or cold compress: Hot or cold compresses can effectively relieve body aches and pains. Hot compresses help stimulate blood circulation. Helps relieve muscle tension. And helps relieve pain, while cold compresses help reduce swelling, inflammation, help relieve sprains, strains, and also help relieve pain.

    The method of applying hot or cold compresses is to use a towel moistened with warm water and wring it out until damp. Or use a towel wrapped in ice for a cold compress. Then apply the compress to the area where the pain occurs for about 20–30 minutes. You can apply the compress several times in a day until the symptoms improve.