Advantages-Tips How to “jump rope” without having knee pain

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Advantages-Tips How to “jump rope” without having knee pain

“Jumping rope” is a simple and effective exercise method that many people are choosing to exercise during this time. Because the equipment is inexpensive Doesn’t take up much space Can be done at home And it’s so easy that it can be done by almost every gender and age. (except for very old people) that may not be able to jump)

Let’s see that ทางเข้า ufabet jumping rope What advantages does it have for the body? And how to jump rope without hurting your knees during or after playing.

Advantages of jumping rope

Paolo Hospital List the benefits of jumping rope as follows:

  1. Jumping rope is a type of aerobic exercise that uses muscles, arms, and legs continuously for a long time. Makes the muscles of the arms and legs strong.
  2. Make your heart beat more slowly Pumps large amounts of blood to nourish the body at a time. Helps enhance the efficiency of the blood circulatory system.
  3. cause the lungs to expand and store more oxygen
  4. Helps reduce the risk of various diseases such as diabetes , heart disease, blood pressure and blood fat, etc.

Advice for beginners to jumping rope

Correct posture for jumping rope

  1. Stand upright, back straight, eyes looking ahead. 
  2. Stand on your tiptoes, turning your heels slightly. So that the nose of both feet is the point of supporting the weight of the body. 
  3. Bend your knees slightly. It will help absorb shock from jumping. 
  4. rope swing technique It mainly uses just rotating the wrist. The elbow must be close to the body at all times. And don’t use your shoulders to exert force when swinging the rope. 
  5. Start jumping on both feet. and jump as low as possible Only to allow the rope to pass through. 
  6. You should start jumping for just 3-5 minutes in the first 1-2 weeks to allow your body to adjust, then gradually increase the time little by little.

Health promotion work at Siriraj Hospital, Faculty of Medicine Siriraj Hospital, stated that jumping rope to reduce fatigue, exhaustion, and unrefreshing can be done by Jump rope 30 times. When you’re finished, stand still and breathe deeply and slowly. This is 1 set. Do 3 sets in total. If you don’t have a rope, Can jump in place as well

Prayut Mahagitsiri, President of the Thailand Rope Jumping Association, stated that for people who have rarely exercised before You shouldn’t jump continuously at once. Instead, jump for just 1 minute in a row, alternating with 1 minute rest, then gradually. Increases the total time spent jumping. and reduce resting time So that the body can gradually adjust and reduce injuries.

How to jump rope without hurting your knees

Many people are afraid to exercise by jumping rope. Because of fear of knee pain. Information from Thidakarn Ruchipattanakul or Dr. Ping, an expert in skin and anti-aging medicine. Samitivej Sukhumvit Hospital from the Pleasehealth Books page specifies methods for jumping rope that do not cause joint pain as follows.

  1. Move. Warm up your body well before starting to jump.
  2. Put your weight lightly on your feet.
  3. Wear sneakers with thick soles. Supports impact well
  4. Don’t jump rope too quickly. If you still can’t jump easily
  5. Jumping doesn’t have to be high. Just enough to clear the rope.
  6. jumping on the grass or exercise mats, sports floors, gym floors to help absorb impact forces on the floor. Avoid jumping on hard concrete floors.