Health benefits of bilberry.

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Bilberry contains a number of essential nutrients that may help strengthen the body in the following areas:

Bilberry is a fruit in the berry family. It looks like a blueberry but is smaller. Although this type of berry is not well known and Thai people may not be familiar with it. But the health benefits of bilberry are outstanding, not less than other fruits in the same family.

Free radicals are substances that occur naturally in the body. When there are more numbers, it can cause the body to be out of balance, leading to inflammation and deterioration of the body. This may increase the risk of certain diseases UFABET

Bilberry is a fruit that contains antioxidants high. The property of antioxidants is to manage and control free radicals to be in a balanced state and not damage the cells within the body. Consequently, adequate and regular intake of antioxidants may help inhibit the degenerative and inflammatory processes of cells within the body.

Bilberry is not only high in antioxidants. But there are also many antioxidants such as

  • Vitamin C or Ascorbic Acid
  • Phenolic Acid
  • Anthocyanin (Antocyanin), which is a substance that causes color in fruits and vegetables.

Numerous scientific reports suggest that proper intake of antioxidants on a regular basis may reduce the risk of many chronic diseases such as heart disease, liver disease, diabetes and cancer. A healthy diet is only one part of being healthy and reducing your risk of disease.