Zinc and its health benefits.

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Zinc is an extremely essential mineral for life. Because the body uses this mineral to synthesize various substances within the body. Whether DNA , RNA or proteins. Which these proteins contribute to the growth of the body. Adequate zinc intake may help fetuses and children to grow appropriately during their lifetimes.

Zinc and other minerals are also required for synthesis. Collagen is a form of protein. when the wound The body will be stimulated to create more collagen. UFABET Therefore, adequate zinc intake increases the production of collagen. And other proteins necessary for wound healing make the wound heal faster.

Several studies have tested for the treatment of diabetic ulcers in 60 patients for 12 weeks and the placebo group. It was found that diabetic ulcers of the group taking Zinc were smaller compared to other groups. The researchers therefore speculated that might accelerate wound healing.

Current scientific data confirms that has properties that help speed up the healing process of wounds. However, the amount and form used to treat wounds may vary depending on the nature of the wound. Therefore, consult a doctor and pharmacist for proper dosage and form. For effective wound healing and safety in use.

Zinc is a mineral that plays a role in many body functions both growth Immune system and skin. For this reason, health and beauty products often contain as an ingredient.