Kao Ka, how to compare the card points from small to large

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Kao Ka, how to compare the card points from small to large

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Nine is one of the gambling games that use cards as a device to play. It is also a game that is very popular among players who like this genre. with both playing styles The payout rate, payouts, etc., make this card game so interesting that it is a game that you must try once. It is also easy to play and make money just by having the highest card value. Or just be confident and get over it to the end. All winnings will be easily available to you. 

How to compare the size of cards from small to large

However, this type of card game also uses a similar method of comparing card points. with other card games In order to know the result of losing or winning whose cards are larger than each other which can be easily compared from various symbols displayed on the face of the cards and the nature of the combination of cards that will determine whether Which cards have larger or smaller points, which can be compared as follows

card points

This is the first part that we will look at using various pictograms. is a configurator, which is

  • 2 – 9 are equal to the number of numbers shown.
  • A is equal to 1.
  • 10 is equal to 0
  • JQK is equal to 0, but is important in other arrangements.

card or color

It is the next part where we will look at the pairs with the card points. which can be sorted from small to large as follows

  • spades
  • red heart
  • diamond rice
  • club

The smallest card is A club and the largest card is K spade.

Sorting cards

It is a card style that is larger than a normal total card. It will be a sequence of cards that do not have to be of the same color, such as QKA , 8 9 10 or 9 10 J etc.

Master cards

It is a card that is larger than a tiled card. It is in the form of cards in the JQK group, which do not have to have the same suit or have all the letters that may be duplicated, such as QKK, JQQ or KKJ, etc.