Konate names two of the best defenders who are idols in their hearts.

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Konate names two of the best defenders who are idols in their hearts.

Liverpool star Ibrahima Konate has revealed. Who the two central defenders are referring to. The best idol in the world who tried to study the way of playing as a role model since childhood

“There are two of the best defenders that I would consider my idols to be in my heart, one is Sergio Ramos, especially over the years he has been at Madrid, unbeaten. He also scores a lot of goals,” Ibu told UFABET.

“The other is Virgil van Dijk, who I am very fortunate to have the opportunity to play alongside my idol in the current Liverpool team. “

“Well, I think I’m still very young. And this is just the beginning of my first steps as a player, so Liverpool hope to learn a lot from Van Dijk because I know the quality of my pace. I know that I can run faster than other centre-backs, can read the game, tackle hard, well, I’m not afraid of the ball.

“However, it’s not just Van Dijk who has helped me improve every day because Joe Gomez and Joel Matip are also extremely important. me for the past 1 year.”

“As for Van Dijk, everyone knows he is the best centre-back in the world right now. His advice was unbelievably helpful in improving the pace of every junior. But believe it or not, being in a relationship with seniors in other positions like Sadio Mane or Fabinho also plays a part in raising the quality.