Mane-Nunez musical chair closes in on keyman deal to join Bayern

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Liverpool’s Mane-Nunez musical chair closes in on keyman deal to join Bayern in fundraising for Benfica

Liverpool Football Club of the English Premier League Football It has expressed confidence that Bayern Munich will meet the demand for Sadio Mane £40m price tag in order to fund an expected Benfica’s Darwin Nunez transfer. Expecting the Uruguay striker to be worth at least £60m,

Reports from the UFABET the Portuguese side will demand a fee of £60m for Nunez, plus an option bonus in the future. £15-20 million, with half of the bonus being based on Núñez’s short-term success with the Reds, and the deal has progressed to such an extent that Jurgen Klopp has been in discussions. The personal proposal to the player is completed.

If Liverpool continue to offer such a value to Benfica and the deal goes well, the £85m signing of Nunez would make him the most valuable player in the team’s history. Breaking the previous record of Virgil van Dijk, who moved from Southampton with a price of 75 million pounds

The Red Machines previously reject the offer of the Tigers 2 Battle. The first offer of the Tigers army, worth 25 million pounds, divided into clauses. The offer is worth £21m plus an additional £4m in bonus options depending on future success in the UEFA Champions League.

While the second offer is worth £30m. With one of the bonus options available to make the deal louder. Said to be worth the full 30 million pounds. That Bayern need to win the UEFA Champions League. In between Including having to win the Ballon d’Or to dominate in that period