Poch claims that Chelsea will definitely be good.

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Mauricio Pochettino insists Chelsea can’t wait to bounce back from their 4-1 loss to Liverpool. Adding that Jurgen Klopp’s side are a prime example of what they are trying to do succeed.

Pochettino recalled how Spurs beat Liverpool 4-1 in Klopp’s third season. While in his fourth the Reds won the Champions League and in their fifth they won the Premier League. ทางเข้า ufabet

Chelsea are now looking to vent their frustrations against Wolves on Sunday. With Pochettino saying: “We need a result today. It’s hard to wait.”

“In year three with Liverpool, they came to Wembley, we were at Tottenham and beat them 4-1. No one said, ‘Oh, it’s the end of the world for Liverpool’ after that. Look at what that was like. It happened to them. They won the Premier League. They won the Champions League in the fourth year and it started to work.

“That’s the reason why. After 6 months I knew I would be playing in Liverpool in a situation where they were fighting for the Premier League title. It has been very consistent over the last few years. It’s a very strong team. with all situations that occur during the game. Having said that we are not good enough. And they are better I think we’re there. All we can do is move on and prepare for the next game.”