The Villa legend says Eriksen is better Manchester United

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The Villa legend says Eriksen is better than any Manchester United midfielder in the current squad.

Gabriel Agbonlahor, Villa legend Showing an interesting view. After rumors that Manchester United are flirting with Danish midfielder Christian Eriksen to strengthen the army.

“Although Christian Eriksen is getting older. And has gone through an illness that almost had to hang up his boots prematurely. But if measured from the last season’s form. I can assure you that he will help every team that comes to be stronger than ever,” Agbon told UFABET.

“I can totally imagine if playing with Eriksen and what kind of support he would get. Especially if you’re a striker and try to stagger to find a hole. I guarantee that there will be a pass through a beautiful hole that will come off and shoot until your feet are tired.”

“And while Eriksen is leaving Brentford this summer. He must have received good offers from many big teams across Europe for sure. Especially the English Premier League. Where he can maximize his potential.”

“But the rumors that seem to have the most chance of being true, I would say Man United. Because even Erik ten Hag has not commented on it. But I have to admit that Eriksen is better than all the Red Devils midfielders in the current team.