What Van Dijk & Suarez think of Darwin Nunez

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 What Van Dijk & Suarez think of Darwin Nunez

Having said that, the deal is imminent for Darwin Núñez, the infamous Benfica striker. Who is heavily rumored to be on the verge of a £85m move to Liverpool. Which many world-class news anchors began to certify that it was true.

And while many Reds fans are excited about the launch of a new football player from the club until. They can’t sleep. Merseyside media outlets have also picked up the remarks from fans Virgil van Dijk and Luis Suarez about 22-year-old Nunez. quite interesting

“Darwin Núñez’s style of play is very similar to Erling Haaland, strong, fierce, penetrating, fast, tall and big. I place him as one of the five toughest strikers I’ve ever faced,” Van Dijk told Manchester United legend Rio Ferdinand. Who was interviewed in May.

Meanwhile, Luis Suarez, another legend in the hearts of the Reds fans. He has always confirm. That his juniors in the Uruguay national team will definitely have a great future ahead.

“I had advised Barcelona to buy Darwin Núñez when he was an unnamed player at Almeria several years ago. But they don’t care,” Suarez told UFABET

“15 years of experience with the Uruguay national team has made me quite certain. Which of our youngsters have hidden talent. Which is a pity. Because if Barça believed me, they could have bought Nunez for no more than 20 million pounds.